Let’s talk about the food and Italy. Are you thinking about going to Italy for the food? If that is the case, I really think you should.

The one person to thank for the introduction of pasta here in Sweden is Fernando Di Luca, as a fun sidenote we actually were on the same plane as him, back and forth to Italy. To me that was a good sign that this trip was going to be awesome.

Much more than pasta

The fact that pasta comes from Italy may not come as a surprise, but there are also a whole bunch of interesting dishes and products that us swedes should be jealous about. For example, having an avocado tree in the back yard, or fresh lemons that you could pick from the tree any day. I would love to have that.

Here the food is cheap. If you’ve heard someone say the opposite, they have probably travelled to one of the bigger cities like Rome or Milano – the tourist resorts. With me back to Sweden I brought almost 2 kilo of Parmigiano Reggiano for €25 and a kilo of fresh green asparagus for €4. Here in Sweden we pay about €3 or more for a bundle of ten asparagus…

Simple and well-prepared

Obviously, you can find really advanced cooking here in Italy, but the typical Italian cuisine is characterized by well-prepared and quite simple food with clean flavors and cooked with much love. Depending on where in Italy you go to you can find a weekly market where the residents buy their food. Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as clams, fish, cheese and hams are sold per kilo in different stalls.

So, what do you eat in Italy?

Fava beans are really popular and is usually boiled in water or eaten fresh directly from the pod, sometimes with olive oil and salt. Moreover, a bottle of olive oil is always sitting on the table. Also, as an opposite to the recent studies that olive oil develops carcinogenic when it is heated, the Italians also cook most of their food in olive oil.

Stockfish is a popular dish that we got served here and there. At one restaurant, we were served a surprisingly tasty fish stew with stockfish. Here in Sweden stockfish is a typical dish served round Christmas that is usually overcooked and not as firm as this one. The texture is a bit similar to tuna.

Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto

Some of the other things you’ll have to eat when going to Italy is Prosciutto and different cheeses. Me and Johan Hedberg, also known as the Food Geek, took a break from all the shopping by enjoying a glass of white wine with some meats and cheese at a restaurant.

We both have a mutual interest in food and marketing since we both have background working for different commercial agencies, so this was actually one of the hight points of the whole trip – just sitting down in the sun, enjoying some lovely food and having a great talk.

Pasta Workshop

Another thing that ended up being on top of my list was the pasta making in Recanati. The second day the whole gang jumped in the car and went to Stefania Ghergo and her beautiful hotel Gallery.

Here the talanted Miranda Galassi, winner of La Prova Del Cuoco, of many things, was going to teach us how to make hand made pasta – the italian way. I have actually only made pasta one time before so the pastaworkshop turned out to be both fun and educational. Of course I got to make red pasta with tomatoes.

So, if you have listened to any of what Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, and of course – what I have said about Italy, you really should go there and and enjoy this really nice cuisine.


For a summary in Swedish, check out this post. If you want to know more about our trip, have a look at these posts.


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